We are on a mission to save lives by empowering people with life saving skills

Every year millions of people die due to a lack of Emergency care within the golden hour. The chance of survival increases by 50% if the right first aid is delivered within the first 10 minutes(platinum minutes). life-saving skills is the most important skill that every human being should perceive to safe guard themselves and their family. VMEDO academy(training wing of VMEDO) is one of the leading First aid training provider in India and have trained over 30,000 people across India. Our training programs are designed both for medical professionals and non- medical professionals.

About Training

VMEDO academy training programs are designed by Emergency care experts and delivered by highly experienced trainers. Our trainers are highly engaging, Fun & professional. Training programs are designed to be interactive, with live demonstrations, videos and Role plays.

Our Programs

First Aid Awareness This module is designed to understand the importance of First aid, social responsibilities during emergencies, Good Samaritan law and basic information about First aid

Duration: 30 minutes

Includes: No Certificate

Basic First Aid Training This module helps in understanding emergencies, a theoretical knowledge and demonstration about performing basic FIRST AID, CPR, and an understanding of how to recognise & respond to a range of specific injuries and illnesses.

Duration: 3 to 4 hours

Includes: Certificate

Advanced first aid training This workshops to provide the skill &knowledge required to assist a wide range of emergency situations. This includes Emergency FIRST AID Response, Hands on CPR and AED, First aid techniques for various injuries and illness.

Duration: 7 to 8 hours

Includes: Certificate and Learning kit

First Responder it is acomprehensive course offering advanced FIRST AID and CPR skills for those typically designated as first aid attendant and health safety managers. The course covers a variety of topics from basic to advanced, sudden medical

Duration: 18 to 20 hours

Includes: Certificate, Learning kit, First Aid kit and Responder badge

Basic Life Support (BLS) This is an American Heart Association (AHA) authorized course designed to help and train medics and also non-medics with CPR and AED skills required for Pre-hospital and In-hospital care setup.

Duration: 5 to 6 hours

Includes: Certificate and Learning kit

Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) Another American Heart Association (AHA) authorized course designed to train nurses and doctors with advanced techniques to handle and manage patients suffering from Cardiac Arrest.
This module covers:
- Patient medication
- Advanced airway management
- Endo tracheal Intubation
- Manual defibrillation, and much more.

Duration: 2 Days

Includes: Certificate and Learning kit

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What People Say About Training?

Our google ratings say it all, we quest to deliver high-quality learning experiences such that the skills learned can be applied during medical emergencies to save a life.

Benefits of First Aid Training

For Individuals

  • By learning first aid one can assist during life threatening situations before emergency medical service arrives which could save lives.
  • It gives the valuable knowledge & skills about emergency, first aid, CPR and usage of first aid kits.
  • It gives confidence and clarity about different types of emergency and about handling them.
  • Knowledge on first aid benefits the individuals themselves regardless of whether an emergency affects them directly or involves people they live and work with.

For Corporates

  • It can reduce the number of accidents in the workplace.
  • It gives your employees confidence and clarity during an emergency.
  • It can keep your employees safe outside of the workplace.
  • It's a great team building exercise.
  • First Aid kits are used properly.
  • It can reduce recovery time.

Our Clients

Our Clients